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[VIDEO] Israeli Airforce F-15 Pilot Talks about Striking the Syrian Nuclear Reactor

An interview with an Israeli F-15 pilot who took part in the 2007 strike on a Syrian nuclear reactor:

[VIDEO] No Longer a Secret: How Israel Destroyed Syria's Nuclear Reactor

It was one of the Israeli army's most successful operations but was censored for over a decade. Now, a Haaretz investigation goes behind the scenes of the 2007 strike on 'The Cube,' shortly before it became an active nuclear reactor: From the intelligence failures and American foot-dragging to the arguments at the top levels and the threats of a total war with Syria

[VIDEO] IDF Preparations for the Threat of the Tunnels

IDF preparations for the threat of the tunnels. Video Photography by Ilan Assayag.

Birds Flight at the Waste Site

Haaretz photographer Ilan Assayag visited the Dudaim waste site north of Be'er Sheva, and documented the starlings, inkwells, and other species of birds that come to the area.

Shanghai Circus, in Ashdod

With colorful costumes, spectacular scenery and one large circus tent, the Shanghai Circus arrived in Ashdod earlier this month. Haaretz photographer Ilan Assayag captured the moments between performances and behind the scenes when the spotlight goes out and the smiles disappear

Surfers Brave Israel's First-ever Big Wave Championship

The Israel Big Wave Surfing Championship in Ashdod, November 17, 2016. Credit: Ilan Assayag

Victory Day in Ashdod, Israel

An event in remembrance of Victory Day, marking the anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, in the southern city of Ashdod, israel, on May 12, 2018

​The First Rally of the Year, Held in Arad

The first rally of the year, held in Arad. The race was attended by 28 teams who competed in a three kilometer track in varying terrain conditions

Street Painting Festival in Arad

15 painters from the United States, France and Israel took over the walls of the Artists' Quarter in Arad as part of the delegation of the world's largest wall painting festival, held in Hawaii every year.

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